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Blueparrot B650-XT Mono

Produktbillede af Blueparrot B650-XT Mono.

Produktnummer: 204330

Pris ved 1Stk 1.998,75 DKK

1.998,75  DKK

(ex. moms)

Blueparrot B650-XT 

Silence the road

OK - so they won’t hear the highway, but what about you? Powerful Active Noise-Cancellation (ANC) works to remove ambient noise from your surroundings, so you can give them your full attention without having to crank up the volume. And if you really want to get lost in a more immersive entertainment experience, the B650-XT is able to convert into the ultimate noise-cancelling stereo headset (2nd earcup available as accessory).

With B650-XT, you won’t miss a thing.

Born to run

Need to stay connected even on the longest trucking routes? With up to 36 hours of talk-time, you can drive for a few hours, touch base on a call with your boss while the truck is loaded, drive another stretch of road, call a few people before bed and still have enough battery to do it all again tomorrow.

And with up to 300ft / 100m of wireless range, you can leave your phone behind and get out to stretch your legs or check the rear tires of the truck pre-trip, without worrying about your connection dropping.

Personalise your experience

Keeping your hands and eyes on the road is pretty vital, which is why you can program the BlueParrott Button™ for instant access to your most-used feature.

Speed dial your boss, mute your mic or Push-to-Talk with your team, without fumbling around for your phone.

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